In the case of Curtice Brothers Co. v. Catts (48 Vt. 116 (Vt. 1874)), Curtice Bros. was a canning plant that contracted to buy all the tomatoes a farmer named Catts could grow. Catts reneged on the deal and refused to sell his tomatoes. Curtice Bros. sued for breech of contract and won. This case is unusual because instead of granting monetary damages the Court found that specific performance was warranted, and ordered Catts’ tomatoes to be seized. In this case, the Court felt that it was not a matter of whether Curtice Bros. was forced to pay a higher price for tomatoes from another farmer, but whether Curtice Bros. could obtain tomatoes at all. If not, they would have to shut down the canning plant. Btw, Curtice’s contract to buy all of Catts’ tomatoes, is an example of a output contract.