Village of Belle Terre v. Boraas
416 U.S. 1 (1974)


  • Six college students who were living in a house in Belle Terre challenged the constitutionality of Belle Terre’s village zoning ordinance.
  • The ordinance limited, with certain exceptions, the occupancy of one-family dwellings to traditional families or to groups of not more than two unrelated persons.

Whether the ordinance was unconstitutional as violative of equal protection and rights of association, travel and privacy.



  • “It is not aimed at transients. It involves no procedural disparity inflicted on some but not on others. It involves no fundamental right guaranteed by the Constitution.”
  • “Thee police power is not confined to elimination of filth, stench, and unhealthy places. It is ample to lay out zones where family values, youth values, and the blessings of quiet seclusion and clean air make the area a sanctuary for people.”
  • Frat houses, etc. present problems such as overcrowding, more cars, more noise, etc.
  • In short, the ordinance was rationally related to permissible state objectives.