University of Florida Levin College of Law – 2010-2011:

The Levin College of Law seeks to enroll a class with varied backgrounds and interests. Such diversity contributes to the learning environment of the law school and historically has produced graduates who have served all segments of society and who have become leaders in many fields of law.

To better assess these qualities, the Levin College of Law requires each applicant to write an Admissions Statement not to exceed four double-spaced pages in a font no smaller than 12 pt. This statement should focus on academic abilities and experiences and may include, but is not limited to, information regarding career goals, interests, unique abilities, academic experiences and activities, and public service.

Your Admissions Statement should provide academic information not found in any other part of your file. Although interviews are not part of the admissions process, the admissions statement can serve as an “interview on paper.”

Stetson College of Law – 2010-2011

The Personal Statement should address your reason for wishing to study law, which may include special accomplishments or qualifications pertinent to your application. A concise, two- to three-page double-spaced, typed format or electronic attachment is preferred. Please put your name and identification number (LSAC account number) at the top of each page. Candidates may also submit an addendum to explain unusual circumstances, such as grade fluctuations or wide variance in LSAT scores.