Step 1: Click on the “Transcripts” link that can be found at the bottom of your LSAC homepage.

Step 2: Click on where it says “Transcript Request Form,” print the page, and then sign your name at the bottom. Note: LSAC doesn’t care if you took pottery one summer at a junior college just to stay busy – they’ll need to have those transcripts, too (in which case you’ll have to do this process twice, like the example shown below).

Sample transcript request form:

Step 3: If you are near campus, simply go to your school’s registrar and have them send your transcripts along with the request form you just printed out to the LSAC address listed at the top left-hand corner of the form.

If you are unable to do this in person you would have to print out the school’s transcript request form in addition to LSAC’s, mail both to the school’s registrar, and then have the school send everything in to LSAC.



Side Notes:

  • The Credential Assembly Service (CAS) must be purchased in order for transcripts to be released!
  • Once the transcripts are received by LSAC, they typically take around two weeks to be processed.
  • For those waitlisted and needing to send updated transcripts, it is best to contact the schools themselves. After your application is submitted, they choose how and if they want to receive updates to your file. Sometimes they may want a copy of the transcript sent directly to them as well.